What’s Still Trending in 2017: Flower Embroidery

I love the details and the designs of this trend especially the flower patterns. Since my style is minimalist chic and casual feminine, this trend complements it well. You can find these photos on Pinterest and more.

Flowers and patches. Wear this outfit to work on Casual Fridays.

Booties with black shirt and jeans is edgy and feminine {instead of having the jeans tucked, cuff the jeans or wear cropped jeans}.

Bell sleeves and cutoff jeans {wear with or without an expensive designer bag and shoes}.

Yes yes yes to everything about this outfit. This outfit says ‘I have places to go and people to see’.

Who doesn’t love the bomber jacket trend? The color, material, and pattern on this bomber jacket is perfect to wear with a t-shirt and jeans.

Studs, fringe, and flowers? Yes please. I’d wear this differently with my midriff covered.

It’s easy to create a Pinterest board based on outfits that can be worn with these heels.

LBD with embroidery open-shoulders.

Head to toe, this outfit can be worn any any day of the week.


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