Facial Cleanser for Dry Skin and Eczema: Purpose by Johnson&Johnson

I had a terrible reaction to a face wash years ago that sent me to the emergency room. I’ve always suffered from eczema and dry skin so I look for products that help prevent outbreaks without stripping my face of moisture. The day before I ended up at the ER, I came across a product that advertised to do so. I bought the product and washed my face with it before heading to bed. The next morning I woke up with my face aching and so much swelling around my eyes that I couldn’t see. I was able to call my sorority sister {thank goodness for voice command} to take me to the ER. I was given a prescription for eye drops and a cream to reduce the swelling and soothe the aches. The pharmacist at my local Walgreens was very concerned when she saw my condition and when I explained what happened, she advised me to use a gentle cleansing product found in the aisle where the baby products were. A week later after recovering my sight, I returned to Walgreens and scanned the baby aisle for a face wash. I came across Purpose by Johnson & Johnson and have been using this product since then. I buy this product at Target because it is cheaper and I buy at least two bottles at a time {product hardly stays in stock}. I only have to use a little bit each time I wash my face and it is very gentle on my skin. I apply the product on my skin with circular motions and then I splash my face with clean water to remove the product. I pat my face dry to avoid agitation and then apply a face moisturizer {read about it here}.


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